We invite all downtown businesses to join us in hosting the first Downtown Murphys Witch Walk :)


All you have to do is help advertise, decorate your business, and offer treats and/or discounts from 4-8pm on October, 21st!

  • What is expected of participating businesses?

    1. Post flyer in the window

    2. Witchy decorations

    3. Treats for participants

    4. optional: Discounts for participants

    5. optional: Donations to include in the raffle baskets

  • Resources to promote the event

  • Here are a couple of promotional materials for you to print out and use:

    • Online square ad 400x400px

    • Point-of-sale Flyers 4x3

    • Poster 14x17


  • Do participants have to visit every participating business?

    No. This first year, we're thinking "keep it simple".

    But... there will be a drawing for those witches who get ALL participating businesses to punch their cards!




  • What is the goal of Witch Walk?

To create another fun and press-worthy annual event that gets more diners and shoppers downtown in mid-October.


  • How does the Witch Walk work?

    1. Witches start at The Potted Plum. Where they will:

      • Pick up a map of the route with all participating businesses marked

      • Get a trio of tickets to nominate other witches for Best HAT, Best BROOM, Best COSTUME

      • Optionally, sign up to be entered in the costume contest, each witch will be given a numbered sticker to wear throughout the event

    2. Witches will make their way down Main Street – enjoying treats and your discounts along the way – and then back towards The Lucky Penny. Where they will:

      • Drop their ticket nominations (they write the number) in a cauldron for Best HAT, Best BROOM, Best COSTUME, and Visited ALL businesses

      • At 8pm the raffle winners will be announced

  • Does everyone have to wear a witchy costume?

    No, but we think it's more fun. Plus, they can win a wonderfully witchy prize...! Raffles will be held for:

      1. Best HAT

      2. Best BROOM

      3. Best overall COSTUME

  • What are the prizes?

    Gift baskets. We are hoping participating business can make donations to be included in the 4 baskets. If you can donate something, please contact

  • Do witches have to be present at 8pm to win raffle?

    No, the signup sheet will ask for emails and phone numbers.