Welcome Witches!!

What's a Witch Walk?

October 20, 2018 – Gather your brood to dress up or just come for the great witch watching then EAT, DRINK, and SHOP downtown Murphys while you revel in wonderfully wicked TREATS, DISCOUNTS, PRIZES, and make new friends too! 

Participating local businesses will be giving out raffle tickets for each $5 you spend – you then drop those into magical cauldrons to win fabulous gift baskets.

If you're looking particularly bewitching you might be selected as one of The Lucky 13 Witches to be voted on by the crowd for best costume! Prizes for the top 3 witches range from $25 - $100 value!

Either way cap off this magical day with spirited cocktails and danceable tunes by Leilani and The Distractions!

What to do and When?

From 2 - 8 pm

  • Sign up at one of the three signup booths along Main Street to get your map and your number to put on your raffle tickets!

    • The Potted Plum

    • TBD

    • TBD

  • Then EAT, DRINK, and SHOP at participating business where you will enjoy special treats, offerings or discounts. Plus, for each $5.00 you spend at these shops, eateries, and wineries you’ll receive a raffle ticket for wonderful prize baskets on display down at The Potted Plum

By 7 pm 

  • Get pre-qualified for The LUCKY 13 COSTUME CONTEST at The Lucky Penny There will be a fun photo booth and pre-qualification by a trio of witches and warlocks to select thirteen lucky witches to participate in a crowd-based contest for best overall costume at 8:30 (must be present to win).

At 8:00 pm

  • Join the Witch Walk Flash Mob at Re/Max on corner of Big Trees & Main St at 8:00 pm

  • Live music and dancing by Leilani and The Distractions at The Lucky Penny Public House

By 8:15 pm

  • Drop your raffle tickets in the cauldrons for your favorite prize baskets at The Potted Plum. Sorry no late entries, 8:15 pm sharp.

At 8:30 pm

  • Prize basket raffle at The Lucky Penny
  • The Lucky 13 Costume Contest at The Lucky Penny

Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to wear a witchy costume to take part in the fun?

    We strongly encourage you to fly in dressed to put a spell on downtown Murphys! Or come as you are and enjoy and the fun and fabulous witch watching!

    Are men and kids welcome?

    Absolutely! Warlocks, witchlettes, and little warlocks are more than welcome to tag along.

    Do witches have to be present at 8:15pm to win the prize basket raffle?

    No, the signup sheet will ask for emails and phone numbers. Just make sure you write very clearly :)

    Do the pre-qualified Lucky 13 witches have to be present to win the costume contest?

    Yep! Actually each qualifying witch that wants to have the crowd vote on their costume needs to be at The Lucky Penny at 8pm to be prepped backstage. To ensure things run smoothly if you don’t show up by 8pm, you’ll unfortunately be disqualified.

    What are The Lucky 13 Costume Contest rules and prizes?

    1. Just for Witches 13 and up
    2. Solo entries only
    3. You must be judged by the trio of witches and warlocks on the pre-qualification stage outside of The Lucky Penny by 7 pm (no exceptions)
    4. If you qualify and make the the cut, you're name will be posted on the stage at 7:15p; you must check-in at The Lucky Penny at 8 pm sharp to be prepped (again no exceptions)


    1. 1st place - $100 gift card to TLP

    2. 2nd place - $50 gift card to TLP

    3. 3rd place - $25 gift card to TLP

      * prizes subject to change (but only for the better)

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    It's officially fall and time to start thinking about your costumes! 💚 🧙‍♀ 💚 Get ready to don your hats, ladies!

    Posted by Downtown Murphys Witch Walk on Monday, September 3, 2018

    Sample of Year's Past Participating Businesses (2016-17) 
    This year's will be announced as they are finalized

    • Allegorie – art • wine

    • Ambiance – Furnishings, home decor, gifts- Prize participant

    • Aria Bakery

    • Chateau De Ireys

    • DEA Bathroom Machineries – Vintage plumbing, lighting, and hardware

    • His & Hers – Collectibles store

    • Jazz Cellars Winery

    • JoMa's Artisan Ice Cream - Prize participant

    • La Folia Winery

    • Locke Vineyards - Prize participant

    • Loco OsoPrize participant

    • Marisolio Tasting Bar

    • Milliaire Winery

    • Murphys Historic Hotel & Saloon

    • Murphys Trading Post - Prize participant

    • Next II on Main

    • Renner Winery

    • Rob's Place - Prize participant

    • Taste of Rob's

    • The Lucky Penny Public House  - Prize participant

    • The Peppermint Stick

    • The Potted Plum - Prize participant

    • The Spice TinPrize participant

    • V Bistro & Bar

    • V'Dora - Prize participant

    • Vina Moda

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